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Roni Bar Hadas – Calm the Beast

An exciting journey.

The tune starts like a theatre play, where the lights are dimmed and the curtain is lifted slowly. ‘Calm the Beast’ starts slow and relaxed with an almost minimal setting. While the vocals are feeling soft and relaxed at first, they unveil a huge (and I mean HUGE) amount of energy later in the song.

I love this theatrical appearance of this tune. The track tells a story, this isn’t just a linear shallow song. It’s so much more. It draws its main energy out of those seductive vocals, and the backing supports those vocals perfectly. The atmosphere that’s created really feels like watching a full-blown play, and it has a bunch of different textures attached: it’s glassy, it’s energetic, almost threatening, jazzy, dramatic, relaxed, calm… there’s really no mood that is not woven in between the single tracks. The several vibes transmitted through the song reflect the song’s concept of revealing the courage and fear of being unaccepted. A well-rounded mix wraps this tune to be an exciting journey through sound an thoughts rather than ‘just’ a song.

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