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Ian Home – In My Orbit

Where disco-ish groove meets melodic energy.

Where playful melodies meet retro flavor. Where lightweight vocals meet emotion. Where disco-ish groove meets melodic energy. This, ladies and gentlemen, is ‘In My Orbit’, the newest release of Ian Home.

What attracts me most is the lightweight energy the tune spreads. There’s this positivity feelable although the topic isn’t as light as the track suggests. And yet this theme makes you move with its uplifting melodies, the fresh and crisp synths, and the clear and crystalline vocals. The sound creates an atmosphere that feels youthful and driving, yet there’s also a certain wisdom woven in between the single tracks. It’s like there’s two moodsets present in there. And it’s this feeling that makes me think this tune originates from the heart and soul of Ian Home.

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