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Quick Shots #10: Estelle California

/ How are you holding up during these crazy times?
/ Estelle:
Actually I grew up a lot during these last 7 months, I had a whole cycle unfolding, my kind of life cycle I would say. (smiles) Covid came in, screw up all my plans my album was just released, and on top of this, no more school. I am a single mom and I am not at all the kind to enjoy being full time mom, actually all what was making me me, and my inner fire alive, was taken away. I know some have suffered way more though of course, but to say that I have been kinda down for the first months, lost, complaining, in the fog, like victimized, and as usual when I stopped resisting the changes and dived into the only thing that has ever helped me in my life to overcome all, the spiritual and inner work, well all changed, and I understood my lessons. I am now way more grounded than 8 months ago, I have a better relationship with my daughter than ever, I published a book, we got a little farm, I am back to my music from a different deeper energy now, and I had to learn how to love myself by myself only…still working on it though. (smiles)

/ What’s Estelle, the private person, like?
/ Estelle:
I think there is not really a ‘private’ Estelle, I am very transparent in my music, in interviews, on my facebook page, on my blog or website. I tell the truth, what matters to me, and I am the same in my private life its all aligned. All what I sing about is what I am about in my private life too. But yes I am super emotional, big waves and I create in the lows so I am good with it now, I love them all. Not organized at all, but as I am super active so I get to be on top of most of all. I love being by myself in silence to create recharge and read as much as I love being out playing, dancing, super social with a high energy out, I need both actually. I love being outside, I need it. Nature, sun, animals, ocean. Especially now with most of my social and musical life on pause, I need it more than ever.

/ What are your music projects at the moment? What’s planned for the rest of 2020?
/ Estelle:
I have so many songs I would like to record and I would love to manifest a new producer, I am putting it here for the universe. (laughs)
I am finally getting to perform online. That was such a shift for me, musician friends have been asking me for a long time to do it, and it’s really not natural at all for me, as I don’t have the energy from other people around, but in a way it’s how I create my music me on the piano so it’s organic, it’s different, its more like the private person, as you would call it. I am open to all what the universe has for me, I needed this time to upgrade myself to a next level so even better things will be able to unfold now.

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‘Quick Shots’ is a series of random questions answered by reviewed artists.

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