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Joshua Worden – The Mountain

A tune full of life.

I need you to close your eyes for this tune, folks. Let the sound create a mysterious, widespread and exciting atmosphere for you. The new release of Atlantas own Joshua Worden is full of surprises that aren’t that obvious a first. But once you let the sound have that atmospheric effect on you, you find yourself floating in a chilled trippy environment.

There are razor-sharp percussive elements, dampened synth arpeggios that feel underwater-ish, a lofi bass beat and laid back vocals that cut through the sometimes fog-like soundscapes. Overall, the tune is full of life without being too energetic or hectic. In a different approach (you guys know I LOVE different approaches, right?), this track doesn’t feel like ‘The Mountain’, it rather feels like a suburban city slowly coming to life early in the morning. All the single elements feel like they are waking up just to merge into a big groovy sea of sound. The slow and progression melodic elements blend seamlessly with the energetic percussive patterns to build a tense scenery that feels both calm, relaxing AND energetic at the same time.

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