Jacqueline Loor – Just Let Me Breathe

Expect the unexpected.

Prepare to get a glimpse at the darker side of things. Jackie Loor is back, and she brought a dark, mysterious and intense tune with her. In her ongoing journey of reinventing herself and her music on a daily basis, the beautiful singer/songwriter teamed up with multitalent Will Evans for this versatile dark pop duet. After hearing several tracks of Loor over the past year, I cannot really say that this track hit me unexpected, because with her songs, I learned to expect the unexpected.

This tune takes its time to deliver. With heavy dark synth lines and a slow methodical rhythm section, there’s this huge cavern built in which the vocals feel both lost and distinct at the same time. I love the interaction happening, there’s a certain lush chemistry happening between the vocal tracks in this environment. This tune is a statement, but it’s done so carefully that it almost feels dangerous. In a way, listenting to ‘Just Let Me Breathe’ feels like walking on thin ice. There’s this unique vibe woven in there, stating ‘hear what I say or handle the consequences’. Only when all things fall in place this feeling can be created.

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