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Emily Brimlow – Misfits

Honest and emotional skater girl soul pop.

There’s a certain fun and swinging melancholy happening in the new release of Emily Brimlow. You think there’s no such thing as ‘fun melancholy’? Well, I beg to differ. But don’t take my word for it, listen for yourself.

Hear this awesome lightweight vibe in there? The storytelling feels really honest and straighforward in ‘Misfits’. While the extra tracks set some accents at the right places, the vocals are the real deal here. These vocals feel at home in the setting the music creates, there are soul-ish elements along pop sprinkles, and this lush groove that makes you move no matter if you want it or not. The song is a multitalent with all what’s happening in there. The story being told is one that only life itself can write, and in the end, that’s what makes the tune so ultra-believable. It’s not just fun and laughter. For me, the base concept of the track also wants to indicate the seriousness of the emotions transmitted, and it’s a rare thing that in a genre that was named ‘skater girl soul pop’ (Brimlows’ words, not mine!) these emotions are reflected THAT accurate.

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