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Limón Limón – Northern California

An invitation to stay in Limònville.

One again, the guys of future indie duo Limón Limón surprise with a somewhat retro futuristic setting in their new release ‘Northern California’. As before, the listener gets abducted in this parallel universe where this soft surrounding and this warm fuzzy feel can be found. The backing is done in this retro-styled fashion that injects a certain emotional warm groove, while the defensive and honest vocals invite you to stay in Limònville.

Being about returning to a place where you have a lot of history and dealing with the emotional baggage, this tune wasn’t made to make you move. It also wasn’t made to make you burst into tears and get lost in a puddle of melancholy. But it WAS made to make you feel the sound as much as you hear it. The warm backing with its soft melodic guitar tracks and the synthscaping elements used, the defensive vocals, and the overall created atmosphere transmit a certain ‘you are home now’ feel which will stick to you as much as the music will do.

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