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Foxen – Luvin U (Feat. Jackie Paladino)

Something smooth to relax to

A combination of sharp yet soulful vocals and laid back synth melodies – there you go, the perfect sound to chill to.

Always keeping an eye (or better: ear) on what Jackie Paladino, the young vocalist from Brooklyn, is doing, today I stumbled upon a new release on which she did the vocals on. Teaming with LA based producer Foxen, they worked on a really laid back tune which somehow manages to merge different styles together. Until now, I thought that maybe soulful slow vocals and electro groove would not be the perfect combination, but boy, was I wrong.

The mixture of those somehow retro synth lines with a slow and steady beat are a great base to underline the vocal abilities of Paladino. The melodies are somewhat playful and light, giving the vocal tracks enough room when needed. Mixing work with this track is solid, though a bit crisp speaking of the high bands for the vocals and percussion for my taste.
All the used elements fit like puzzle pieces in “Luvin U”. As I looked around, I noticed that both of them are doing different projects, so this track seems to be like a one-time collab work for now. Maybe there’s coming more? I guess, we’ll have to wait and see about that. So, for now lean back, pour another glass of wine, and watch the sun set while listening to this mood leveling tune!

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