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Solomon Dixon – What You Need (Prod. Def Starz)

The track description said: “Tell your friends.” That’s exactly what I’m doing.

With a great guitar lick oneshot and a reverbed vocals backing, this track creates sort of a warm, flowy atmosphere. What really caught my attention were those unique and clean vocals which go great along the backing tracks. This track comforts your mind when listening to. Heck, if I got home after a real hard day at work, and I tell my Amazon Echo to play me and my girl something relaxing – THIS is what I want to hear. Forget the top ten charts. Warm bass synths, these addictive vocals added up with some roomy effects – and you’re all set to feel the music, not just hear it.

Dixon, the singer/songwriter/producer from Richmond, Virginia has really all the tools for creating awesome music. The track description also states that this track was recorded and engineered at home, bedroom style. If this is true, I got to bow my head in silence for a sec, and so should you guys. The mix is done really great, everything is on spot, after having this baby on repeat for a couple of times now I still can’t find anything negative here. Whoever does mixing knows that this isn’t just a thing growing over night, it’s hours of finetuning, knob turning, fader pushing, processing and running through the house in order to find several devices to check the sound on them.

Like I said before, the singing and songwriting makes it clear that Dixon is serious competition to all the artists in his genre out there. That’s not just a talent or a passion, it’s more…genetic, I guess.

Solomon Dixon on soundcloud
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