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Ian Abel – The Way I Feel About You

Feels like the logical evolution of pop.

The new release of Ian Abel brings a positive, lightweight and quirky twist to the table. In an electro setting, the track transmits the message in a very energetic and swinging way. You just know that these vocals are feeling at home in this electro pop scenario. At times you don’t know who is having more fun in the tune – the high pitched vocals or the bubbly synth lines. It’s like the single tracks would meet for some laid back dancing around. To round things up, there’s a defensive and not too pushy percussion and rhythm section bringing just the right amount of drive in there to make this tune danceable and loaded with groove.

‘The Way I Feel About You’ feels like the logical evolution of pop. There are almost retro elements to find in there, along next-level electro lines that feel futuristic and fresh. The tune brings fun and excitement without taking itself too seriously in the process. Wherever you are, this tune will make you groove slightly along.

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Florian Maier

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