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Derek Spill – Made Like Me

Maybe you’re empty because you’re made like me.

Damn. This one’s intense. It’s been a long time since I heard a track that actually delivers in such a laid back methodical fashion and, at the same time, smash you with intensity in the form of melodies and pictures.

This base setting, where it’s almost like everything happens in slow motion basically is a reflection of thoughts that haunt many of us, caused by the desire to keep most of what defines us hidden in the dark. Lets be honest here for a sec, who of y’all out there wear a mask in public? No, I’m not talking about the ones we have to wear because of this whole Covid mess out there, we’re talking disguise here. Hiding who you are. Hiding behind a fake smile and our everyday good people-routines, we won’t allow anybody to see our pain, the insecurities, the metaphorical suffocation (perfectly symbolized by the plastic bags in the video) and all the doubts that define us. All of this won’t let us rest easy, and yet we try to be like everybody out there. What I like to call ‘carbon-copy-behaviour’ is pictured perfectly by this track in my opinion. The dark atmosphere, this razor-like synth stabs that feel like flashing thoughts breaking through the wall we build around ourselves, the melodic doubled vocals that feel partly unattached to a soul – literally everything in ‘Made Like Me’ is designed to be exactly there for a full effect. This track isn’t a coincidence. It’s a piece of the soul of Derek Spill.

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