Quick Shots #4: Chabliz

/ Are you still doing the zoom sessions during these crazy Covid times? What are the main advantages/disadvantages of meeting online?
/ Petra, Chabliz:
We rehearse and record now live again since the end of May, but we’re afraid for a new lockdown. During the lockdown in March and April we had weekly zoomsessions and one online minigig for the audience. We were quite happy to finally do a live gig again in a garden, a few weeks ago, but unfortunately the council forbid that for corona reasons. Instead, we fave an online concert, but the sound was quite bad. Now we’re working on better ways to get the sound right for online gigs like this, and we’re improving on that. After a few weeks we hope to give an online concert again (if there’s no new lockdown by then…) this time with a better sound. We changed the streaming method.

/ Who usually does the songwriting?
/ Petra, Chabliz:
Usually we jam together with the three of us. I ‘vibe’ a melody in a language that doesn’t exist. After that we work on the arrangement and change several things. Usually I record those small jamsessions. We listen to them at home, change things, do ut again in the rehearsal room ( only with the songs/jams that we like of course). Usually the song ( also the vocals) is completely ready before I add the lyrics. I often write the lyrics myself, sometimes together with Pim.

/ What does the rest of the year hold for you guys? Any projects coming up?
/ Petra, Chabliz:
We are recording a new album right now, we have many new songs who are waiting to become recorded. Also we want to give more online concert and we can’t wait to give a proper live concert with real audience again.

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‘Quick Shots’ is a series of random questions answered by reviewed artists.

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