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Elskavon & John Hayes – Vermilion

It's amazing how much you can find in this.

NOW we’re talking atmosphere! In the new tune of Elskavon aka Chris Bartels and John Hayes you have to be careful not to get lost in the playful and exciting atmosphere. Once this tune gets started, a great scenery is being build. Closing your eyes, the sound will draw a complete and well-rounded picture for you.

What startes with seemingly minimal elements and a plucky base theme, creates a wider room that feels glassy and fragile at first. While the sound evolves, there are several elements added that feel busy and loaded with energy. In a way, ‘Vermilion’ feels like an anthill for me. Ever stopped and watched these little fellas do their thing all day long? There is so much happening in a short amount of time, with every single ant having a purpose and a goal. It’s the same with every single track in this tune. There are percussive elements to find. Roomy one-shots. Arpeggiated melodic patterns. Icy tunes that feel like drops falling off of icicles. An almost pulsating base beat. Everything working toegether, blending into another as if they were designed to merge in this flawless fashion. If you listen closely, it’s amazing how much there is to find.

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Florian Maier

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