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Laura Marano – Something To Believe In

How to transmit feelings the right way.

The new release of Laura Marano has a huge amount of authenticity attached. The vocals feel down-to-earth and somewhat disenchanted, the main theme brings this honest melancholy to the table that cannot be faked. Backed by a relaxed and soft atmopshere, the tune just delivers the message trying not to put a bitter statement in there. With the piano and string elements along a defensive and methodical beat construct, the song gets this sad shimmer without drifting too much into melancholy mode. (because there’s too much energy in there to find.) You can feel that this track was carefully designed, with every detail from percussive elements to room reverb chosen wisely to keep this fragile balance of the tune.

All in all, ‘Something to Believe In’ feels ultra-honest. The track wants to trigger feelings, but it doesn’t want to convince you of anything, nor is this a bitter statement or fingerpointing. In a way, this track would be the perfect politician. In a world where there’s accusations, harsh words and threats, a world that gets colder by the minute, it’s tracks like the one of Laura Marano that remind us of how to transmit feelings the right way.

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