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Weekend Picnic – Remember October

The soundtrack of what's to find inside.

The new release of genre-defying band Weekend Picnic just instantly clicked with me. Why? Well, in simple terms, it’s because basically it’s the soundtrack of what’s to find inside of me. Building a highly energetic base scenario, the track knows exactly how to deliver in a honest and emotional way. The balance between the emotional and at parts almost desperate vocals, and the melodic yet driving backing is a thing of beauty. With the piano tracks in there, the alt rock track is rounded with an emotional twist that aims not just for your eardrums but your soul. The backing guitars lay out a solid base while the slow and methodical beat guides the track from start to finish with intelligent patterns and some unexpected fills.

Technicalities aside, ‘Remember October’ shows the ability of these guys to seamlessly blend drive, energy, and feeling, to a well-balanced mix that will both make you sing along and stare at yourself in the mirror, questioning all the decisions you made in the past. This track triggers thoughts, which isn’t that common in this specific genre. You got to agree with me: it’s plain awesome when that happens.

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