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Flõstate – Home Ground

A mystical and glowing cave created by sound.

The new release of Flõstate knows how to abduct the listener into another dimension. What draws you into this strange outworld-ish place are these bell-ish arpeggiated melodies, playful and mysterious at the same time, along the groovy rhythm section. And, of course, this addictive voice. The defensive groovy backing is completed by these seductive vocals which lure you deeper into the atmosphere of ‘Home Ground’. It’s like listening to a modern day siren who draws you deeper and deeper into this mystical and glowing cave created by the sound.

The ability of the sound to be relaxing and energetic at the same time is what makes this tune so addictive in my opinion. You’ll find relaxing styles along jumpy melody lines, and the glassy synths feel unique while giving the track a a signature glow. This sound is designed to create pictures in your mind. These lush vocals are the only guide you’ll need to find your way into this scenery.

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