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Romeu – Get High

Groovy, methodical and feelable.

I love the atmosphere that is created in the new release of London based singer/songwriter Romeu. This feels mighty deep sea, with a scent of deep space and metallic cavern. The whole backing creates a room for the sound that feels deep, huge, and mysterious. The vocals in the tune are done in a way as if they were very careful not to break or disturb anything, the whole setting reminds me of wandering through unknown territory.

And it’s probably this carefully constructed vibe that attracts me most in ‘Get High’. The defensive but also very uplifting beat, the intelligent percussive elements and the outstanding mixing work – everything in this tune just falls into place, creating groovy, methodical music with a well-rounded fully feelable scenery. You’ll find yourself slowly grooving along this, with closed eyes, enjoying the exciting surrounding to let your thoughts dance in.

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