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Brendan McGrath – Missing You

Like a blanket for your soul.

Once again, singer/songwriter Brendan McGrath knows how to bring that certain feeling of home to your doorstep. With a warm and comforting setting, the new release called ‘Missing You’ even adds the component of female vocals. As you can hear, this adds another amount of soul and passion to the well-rounded and well-mixed sound. The harmonized vocals add a certain vulnerability to the tracks’ core without making it sound too melancholic or hurt in the process. This takes a very high sense for emotion, folks.

In a way, the sound of this tune feels quiet, rather introvert. It’s awesome how McGrath manages to let the tune just exist there without it trying to sell you something it’s not. It just has a message for anyone who wants to listen, and done in this soft yet distinct manner, the sound feels just right. Comforting. Nurturing. This tune is like a blanket for your soul, so to speak.

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