Sean Waters & the Sunrise Genius – Not Just Yet

Don't worry no more.

The new release of Sean Waters & the Sunrise Genius feels really familiar to me for some reason. There’s something attached to the music that transmits a really great amount of ‘it’s okay, buddy. Sit down and let me tell the truth’. The backing tracks build a warm, and even more important, relaxed atmosphere that invites you to just groove along slightly while listening to the melodic vocals do their thing. These vocals feel authentic, warm and relatable. In a way, it feels like the track is one of your closest friends.

For me, the secret ingredient of ‘Not Just Yet’ is its honesty. There are no unnecessary special effects to find in there. The music is done handmade and with just the right amount of tracks to fill the room, but not overload it. The sound feels warm and chilled, with nothing in there to disturb the soft groove, but with enough energy to let the sound shine with that slight energetic amount of fun shimmer. In other words: this is the perfect sound for late autumn evenings.

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