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NOTI – lympha

A catalyst for thoughts.

This instrumental chilled piece sketches a lot of sceneries in my mind. Think about the open road with no one on there, it’s just you alone with your thoughts. Or think about an early morning in the woods, with fog slowly rising and the dewdrops still on the leaves. Think about a beach with gentle waves while seagulls are silently flying a couple of feet above the calm water… see what happens here? The defensive track of Swiss producer and musician Benjamin Noti builds a ton of possible scenarios with it’s relaxed approach, and I love this versatility.

There are a lot of seemingly minimal things happening in the tune. Aside the main theme and elements you’ll find percussive elements, some animal-ish one-shots, reverbed chords soundscaping ethereal synths… everything placed and mixed carefully to create this soft and rich atmosphere that invites the listener to close the eyes and let the mind do whatever the sound leads it to do. The ability of ‘lympha’ to actually be a catalyst for thoughts is a thing of beauty in my opinion. So, why don’t you try it? Sit back, relax, put on those closed headphones, and be prepared to find yourself in one of your happy places within seconds.

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