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Kid Politics – Cool About It

How to move past those who bring you down.

In their new release, the eclectic duo Kelby Dover and Nick Arbuckle, better known as Kid Politics, prove that they know how to make you move in style while at the same time dealing with the topic of rising above fake friends.

With an irresistible groove and a huge load of confidence, the track builds a very energetic and versatile environment. Around every corner, there’s a pulsating synth. High pitched vocal one-shots. Percussive clicks and reverbed soundscaping melodies. In ‘Cool About It’ you’ll find so much happening besides the main theme that it somewhat feels like you just landed on an unknown planet, exploring all the extraterrestrial plants and creatures there. And this, of course, is only what happens beside the groovy rhythm and those intriguing vocals. Telling their story, the vocals manage to blend in perfectly into this electro scenario, finding their way in this unique ‘humanlectro’ fashion. The vocals are confident but at the same time they indicate this ‘you-crossed-the-line’-vibe that makes them really stand their ground in the tune. Long story short: THIS is how to deliver a message in style.

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