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The Beautiful Fear – Present but Never There

Dark, yet way too mysterious to NOT experience it.

The new release of The Beautiful Fear feels like waking up in your own mind. Wandering along in this oddworld-ish scenario, you’ll find strange distorted vocals that feel familiar and warm, yet also tied to this sparkling and mysterious scenario from where there is no escape. There are reverbed echoed synths happening along arpeggiated lush synths and a calm and relaxed half-dreamy rhythm set.

I like the mysterious approach of the track. There are strange one-shots lurking in the shadows, there are all these little elements happening to create tension and excitement, and all of this is glued together by these almost playful bell-ish warm synths, which are only countered by the slightly distorted vocals. These vocals feel almost like those little voices in the head that won’t remain silent when they should. The overall feel of the track stays somewhat dark yet way too mysterious to NOT experience. Playful, but also dark and threatening. Confident yet vulnerable at the same time. You just gotta love the duality of this track.

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