Ryan Young – Right Side

Deep thoughts filled with soul

Okay, it’s time to close your eyes, folks. Lean back, wherever you are. Take a deep breath and listen to the soothing voice of Ryan Young.

Colorado based singer/songwriter Young did an outstanding track here. Backed by a defensive guitar and even more defensive piano, he takes you on a trip for a litle soul-searching with “Right Side”, one of his tracks already released in 2016. Well, like they say, music does not have an expiration date, does it.
Being an awesome vocalist, Young transmits the right amount of feelings there. Working with a minium of backing tracks and effects, the voice of Ryan has a special kind of “impact” on your ears, he can sing soft like a feather, but he lets you know on several parts that if he wants to, he can use his singing to …well, smack you in the face like with a sledgehammer, so to speak. This special mixture can also be heard on other tracks of Ryan Young, like in “The Cleaner” where he even mixed in a backing female voice perfectly mathcing his own voice. His real playing ground is the slow pop/ballad genre, he knows how to make the single elements shine. Also, the mixing is solid, everythings in place, well balanced and does sound great, although you can hear glitches of the vocal track through headphones (I guess someone forgot the noise reduction there, but it ain’t too bad).

Did you ever hire a street atrtist to paint an image of you, not expecting too much, but when you got the picture, you thought “holy crap, this guy knows how it’s done!” Well, that was pretty much my initial reaction on Ryan Young and his music. Here’s someone who knows exactly how to do what he does, he knows about the effects he can reach with his craft, and he manages to keep you surprised over all his tracks while staying true to his genre. Soft alternative pop never sounded better. I really recommend checking his other available tracks as well if you’re into this kind of sound.

Oh, another thing, if you’re checking Young’s Spotify account, please don’t fall for that one track of another artist also going by the name of Ryan Young. Funny thing, I first thought that Young has completely lost his mind and decided to do not-so-great hiphop all of a sudden… I was about to start ranting about how the industry destroys any great musician out there by forcing them to switch genres, but then I found out about the name switching over the internet. Thanks a lot, Spotify. After all of the praising of their database I did lately, I think something went really wrong there this time. 🙂

Florian Maier

CEO/Producer at kings mountain studios (kms). Drummer. Sound explorer. Music enthusiast. Critic. Writer. Husband. Father. All stacked up in 1.88 m, 80 kg.

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