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Uplifting energy in form of a driving anthem.

If the quarantine happening practically worldwide has been good for one thing, then it’s that some outstanding artists created beautiful songs during lockdown. One of these artists is Enrique Marquez aka PAARIS, who managed to create a tune that builds a whole universe within five minutes of running time.

Often times I wonder how a musician is even capable of creating such a well-rounded, whole-hearted scenario starting with nothing from scratch. Zero notes. Absolute silence.
I mean, honestly, where the hell does this inspiration come from? How does this work, and how does everything magically fall into place somehow? With ‘Luna’, it’s no different. I found myself moving along to the sound with an appreciative smile on my face. The sound creates a full-blown scenario that invites the listener to feel the energy running through those guitar tracks, sense the lush soul of the sax happening there, and enjoy the drive and energy of the drums pushing you through space and time. What makes this track really great in my opinion is the the bridge connecting classic rock elements with almost futuristic electro elements in there, this feels like the logical evolution of nowadays’ rock. Completed with a state of the art mix, this track never fails to do its thing no matter for what occasion.

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Florian Maier

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