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Anders Ohlsson – The Knife Tribute

Designed as a tribute to the swedish band “The Knife”, this track merges the worlds of electro and psychedelic to take you into unknown interdimensional worlds.

Swedish producer Anders Ohlsson created a really exciting environment with this track. From the first second on, you’re somewhat abducted into a strange interdimensional realm where everything is happening chaotic and structured at the same time. Those randomized arpeggiated synth sequences first puzzled my brain, but with that steady beat used it all made sense in terms of the overall construct of the track. In my opinion it’s brave to experiment with those random patterns. As a producer, often times you’ll find yourself stuck and going nowhere while trying to find a guide or a structure that makes sense with these. Trust me, been there, done that. But Ohlsson makes it look easy to “swim” through that sea of glassy tunes, mixed up with several tracks of background synths, noises and additional percussion.

Influenced by Pink Floyd, Eric Prydz, The Knife, Deadmau5, Jean-Michel-Jarre and many others, it seems that Ohlsson is reinventing his home genre every time he creates a new track. While listening to other tracks available on his online sources, for example “The Disco Is Back” he went retro and delivered an awesome dance vibe, in “Fortunate Future” he kind of examined what I like to call “electro deep space travelling” with glassy synths and roomy reverbs, other times he just went chill, laid back and thoughtful like heard in “Watch Over Me“.
Well, some might say that this missing signature sound might be a flaw as a producer, but I think it really isn’t. It’s called “versatility”, folks. Creating music you can do is way more creative than creating music someone expects out of you. With his arsenal of genres constantly in movement, listeners never know what’s next. I love it when an artist is able to create such a curiosity, because it’s like the good old gift box under the christmas tree. Who know’s what’s in there? In a world filled with pointless, ever-repeating themes and styles, it’s so refreshing to have creative minds like Ohlsson out there, delivering anything they think of – and you probably never heard of before.

Anders Ohlsson on soundcloud
Anders Ohlsson on reverbnation
Anders Ohlsson on bandcamp
Anders Ohlsson website


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