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Quick Shots #1: Jacqueline Loor

/ How are you holding up with the whole Covid situation out there?
/ Jackie Loor:
I’ve actually been holding up pretty well during Covid. I’m a half glass full kind of person so I have been trying to make the best of the situation.  I have been spending a lot more time with my family, and appreciating the little things a lot more like sitting at the piano with my daughter and writing a song together.  It’s been a lot less noisier with Covid so it’s given us some time to reflect and take things in more than we used to.  I also just completed a 6 month sync course that was absolutely amazing. I learned a ton about the sync industry and have already been getting some success with landing some of my songs on TV. Woohoo!

/ What’s your favourite place to eat?
/ Jackie Loor:
I’m in Miami so it’s really hot over here so eating outside is the only option during covid. My usual favorite places I haven’t been able to go to but I did have an awesome date night the other night at The Ocean Grill at The Setai! It was at the beach and had crazy good food! We had a huge steak, truffle pizza, and a beautiful wine (all of my favorite things)!

/ Are the new projects anytime soon?
/ Jackie Loor:
I have my first Spanish song coming out this Friday September 18th that I’m really excited about! I am an American girl with Spanish roots so I’m really proud of representing that side of me. Also, I have another dark song coming out just in time for Halloween on October 30th. I co-wrote it with a really talented singer-songwriter, Will Evans, who also sings on the track! My first official DUET and I absolutely love how it came out.

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‘Quick Shots’ is a series of random questions answered by reviewed artists.

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