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The Meanderings – Tell Me The Truth

This track is something for those who are searching for handmade, passionate and honest alternative-pop-jazz-rock-music. To be honest, I wasn’t really aware that there IS a genre like the one “The Meanderings” created, but I instantly got addicted to it.

Taken from their album “Entering Cedar Crest“, this track is the first of nine ultra-honest tracks of Daniel Cravens and Connor Morrison, better known as “The Meanderings”. I have the feeling that those two don’t take their music too seriously all the time, but they bring the necessary work ethic to the table to create awesome music. The chemistry of the two is undeniable. While both have this lightweight, happy element in them, playing and singing like there were no problems along the way with that “hey, this is fun!”-attitude, they let shine through their ability to bring their unique elements to the table. One time it’s awesome strummed guitar chords like in “Tragedy Pt. I“, the other time it’s an addictive piano like  in “Hops“, they always seem to reinvent themselves without getting too far away from their main style.

Okay, maybe the mixing work of the track isn’t the best out there. The production might be a bit off for today’s standards here and there. But you know what? Doesn’t matter. Because this FEELS right. Like I said many times before, music doesn’t need to be polished and shiny like a diamond, as long as the listener just feels something. And this is the case here big time. Compare this to todays chart leaders, and you have to agree with me that the music of The Meanderings does always win over any soulless pop chart wonder. This is something real. Something that would happen at a campfire or at the beach if you gave Cravens a guitar and Morrison a keyboard (and both a cold beer, I guess).  The music is done with so much passion and honesty that it’s just… charming. It’s believable. It’s real. And that, folks, is what really counts in music.

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