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Wiki Chaves – Nostalgia

A track that tells a story without a single word.

The new release of Argentinian producer Wiki Chaves is a rare gem in regards to creating a full-blown atmosphere that is telling the story of a whole universe of thoughts. With a slow and methodical rhythm set, the track contains guitar tracks for the main melody plus several synth and effect tracks to build this incredible wide room for the listener to float in.

I love that the song really leaves it up to the listener to interpret the story that’s told within these 3.5 minutes. Hear that? There’s a calm sunset popping up. The first rays of light hitting the mountains in an natural environment that’s untouched by men.
Or there’s an old man, walking down the streets of a big city on a hot summer evening. Alone with his thoughts, he just walks by seemingly without a destination.
The sound even feels like the taste of a fresh brewed coffee after a night where you were sitting on the porch with your loved one, talking for hours about life and what to expect of it. There’s so much to explore in ‘Nostalgia’. You just got to find out what it holds for you.

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