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Jordan Macarus – Heart of the Matter

Pure and honest emotions.

Think about nature. Think about a wild animal, untamed but not aggressive unless being provoked. Think about the wilderness in which said animal exists. Peaceful silence which slowly evolves to an energetic vibrant environment. For some reason, for me the new release of Jordan Macarus feels like the animal out there in the wild created it. There’s something about the sound that feels natural, pure and honest. The emotional base setting of the song is created by a piano backing that is enriched with other instruments over time, letting the song slowly evolve and pick up energy and tension as it progesses. The vocals do their part to add a huge amount of credibility to the sound.

I think what’s most intriguing about ‘Heart of the Matter’ is that the song feels authentic. This is not something that was just written down on the way to work, this is something that originated from the heart and soul of Macarus. The calm yet distinct and matured sound finds its way right to the soul of the listener, giving you a warm yet melancholic vibe to think about.

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Florian Maier

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