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Inbal Paz – Inner Child

There's nothing like connecting to our inner child.

This track gave me a body full of goosebumps. The 2020 released track of singer/songwriter Inbal Paz triggers a complete palette of emotions in the listener.

Did you ever see a blossom slowly open up when the sun has come up? ‘Inner Child’ reminds me of one of these moments. With a silent and calm approach, the track uses core elements to shine like a diamond. There’s this carefully played and reverbed piano happening that feels playful and vulnerable like a child, only being backed by some defensive synth constructs that also add up to the fragile atmosphere in which I had the feeling I had to be careful to not destroy anything. (Seriously, I even held my breath at parts.) In this crystalline setting, it’s where the vocals are absolutely effective. These are done with what I’d like to call a ‘matured core vibe’, it’s a certain amount of seen-it-all feel woven into the way the voice of Paz carefully cuts through the calm and warm atmosphere.

What I love most about this tune is the fact that the topic of embracing the inner child was captured so perfectly by both vocals and backing tracks. The vocals transmit the feelings of how our inner child is treated by us or by our surrounding in a flawless and intriguing manner, the singer lets you remember what maybe was long forgotten along the way of growing up. It’s just awesome if music is able to be felt on such a high level.

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Florian Maier

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