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Mikael Burke – Wasting My Life

You already might have everything you need.

Can you feel this unbelievable amount of melancholy in the new release of Finnish singer/songwriter Mikael Burke? This tune hit me quite hard with it’s emotional core. With minimalistic, but intelligently placed backing tracks, the stage is set for the honest vocals to transmit the message. While the song progresses, it evolves into a more energetic and even rocking anthem without ever leaving the feelable vulnerable base.

I love the fact that this track is able to create pictures in my head. The whole track feels really mature, telling its message like someone just hit the stop button on what happens around you. The tune somehow slows down time, delivering in a calm and in slow motion-ish way. You could say that the sound feels like watching the sun rise. You know that moment where it gets brighter, but you cannot see the sun yet? This is ‘Wasting My Life’ in a nutshell. The song brings a moment of clarity, a brief glimpse of what’s important and what is not. You might not see the sun yet. But you know it’s there.

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