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Andre Cordova – Don’t Touch

Like a mirror of feelings, thoughts and states of mind.

This track, taken off the 2020 album ‘Pschotic’, lets the listener experience all the desastrous effects of physical abuse. What really blew me away regarding this tune was the intensity in which the feel was delivered. The music isn’t really the thing in focus here, it’s the expression.

What seems to be ordinary pop with objective fact recalling during the verse parts starts to lose grip, until the borders finally break down in the head. As if the statement was too hard to hold back (which, let’s be honest here, actually really IS), the music changes pace, energetic output and aggression. The topics of the tracks of Australian multitalent Cordova often are telling about experiences and trauma suffered by the artist first hand, and in my opinion the tracks created out of these experiences are like a mirror of feelings, thoughts and states of mind.

And now let that sink in for a minute. Andre Cordova chose to share this with the audience. After all he went through, he still is brave enough to speak out about what happened. To work with those memories and create powerful statements like ‘Don’t Touch’ out of it. Be honest: could YOU do that?

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