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Sirenety – Blue Lights

Taken from her upcoming EP “Hanging around II”, the newest electro pop track of Sirenety takes you away in silence, letting you experience an awesome melancholic mood.

With a synth based dark and warm atmosphere, the track sets the stage for those awesome vocals of Sirenety. Okay, those of you who know me also know that I really really like the combination of synth and female vocals, but this one doesn’t set the bar higher – it IS the bar. The singing technique brings a soft, warm and comforting atmosphere to your ears. These vocals feel relaxing, sexy and exciting. Yet, through the overall feel of the song, there’s this melancholy added which makes your head and heart kinda heavy. See what happened here? This isn’t just music to listen to while driving home or something – this one is music to feel. Because the beat is held back quite defensive in the background, the song never gets hectic or too energetic to move away from the moody setting. And in my opinion, the key ingredient are those vocals. Listening to other songs of the arsenal of Sirenety, like “Matsuko” or “Devoted” I found that her beautiful voice also serves as the signature style element through all of her work. With a voice like hers, she’s just easily recognizable when you hear her sing.

Whoever does the mixing work for her tracks is a pro. Most of the times all tracks are in the right places, the drums/percussion are always where they should be, theree’s no eq hiccups, no distortions, no nothing. This is artistic mixing you got there. I love it when the importance of mixing work is considered when finishing tracks. This track, like her others, are not raw drafts. These are pieces of art in my opinion.

Since I’ve already fallen deeply in love with the music of Sirenety, I can’t wait for “Hanging around II” to be released. This is handcrafted music done with passion and devotion, you simply can hear this. Don’t just take my word for it. Listen for yourself.

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Sirenety on youtube


Florian Maier

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