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The Swell Fellas – Death Race

Get ready to leave the comfort zone.

The new release of The Swell Fellas builds an awesome trippy atmosphere. With processed guitars and a driving rhythm, the tune fills the room with a dark, dreamy and mysterious base which is perfect for the vocals. These feel as if they were chanting out the lyrics at parts, where screaming out the message only seconds after. The driving guitars bring some unexpected energy and tension changes throughout the whole song.

Overall, this song feels really intense. There’s this almost uncomfortable scenario happening in ‘Deatch Race’, spreading a certain ‘chase vibe’ all over the place. After building up to what I like to call the ‘start of the race’ during the first half, the track switches gears big time all of a sudden. If you thought that the energy levels were intense until now, you’re in for a surprise. With all those different guitar patterns happening along partly almost desperate screaming vocals, the song reaches goosebump potential with this special signature ‘get out of here NOW’ vibe. I love when a song tells a story along the notes, and this is exactly what happens in this tune.

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