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Howlin’ Circus – Let Your Love Burn Out

Taken out of the book of life.

You gotta love this rockin’ groove happening in the new release of Canadian rock’n’rollers Howlin’ Circus. Get ready to get introduced to a slow, methodical and lush groove that will set the tone for three and a half minutes of a musical journey somewhere in between psychedelic rock, krautrock and stoner rock.

This tune shows without a doubt that handmade rock is alive and kickin’ out there. There’s this ultimate honesty connected to the vintage distorted guitars, the smacking drumset and these honest vocals. Also, there’s a special chemistry happening in ‘Let Your Love Burn Out’. The vocals are connected to the backing, and there’s always this sort of sassy element present, clearly indicating that those guys are doing this with their hearts and souls. This isn’t an act. As a musician, you won’t do this groove-soaked music (or this kind of cool, edgy video) if you don’t mean it. If you don’t live your life by it. Without a doubt, this track is taken out of the book of life of those guys.

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