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Estella Dawn – Filler 2.0

What did you expect?

Backed by an atmosphere filled with a very vintage calm vibe created by this retro bell-ish synth, the new release of 23 year-old singer/songwriter Estella Dawn knows how to put that slow groove right into your mind. The vocals feel partly tired and partly energetic while they are telling their story along this sea of organic melodies and defensive percussion. This tune is something to practically ‘breathe in’, the slow groove is something to feel while the lyrics are something to think about. The whole tune feels really sophisticated being wrapped in sort of an… let’s call it ‘sublime shimmer’.

The Colorado based multitalent Dawn isn’t unknown to the regular kms reviews blog visitor. After her previous releases ‘Guilt is Good Enough‘ and ‘I Dare You‘ its pretty safe to say that she has that special addictive ingredient that got me hooked on her sound. She’s got that special ‘mature ingredient’ in most of her songs that feel like a part of my mind.

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