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Leo Hart, Izzy Kershaw – Blood of the Same

Meant to go way deeper than just another altrock track.

This track comes with a twist. The new release of British singer/songwriter Leo Hart erases borders between storytelling and music, if there ever have been any. Teaming up with multitalent Izzy Kershaw who co-produced and did the rap/the guitars on the tune, Hart created a very emotional and intense tune that instantly goes under the skin.

There are some really strange single elements in there to find, sound effects that trick you into a strange oddworld menagery of thoughts and feelings, along the energetic backing and those intense vocals which have this certain desperate undertone woven into them. Feeling helpless at parts, these vocals still are the guiding thought throughout the whole track, they manage to pull the listener through this maze of moodsets.

And then of course, there’s the video coming along the track. With great sense of detail, every other picture in there to find sends an powerful statement. This clearly was a ton of work, and every detail in it from lighting to cutscene, was carefully arranged. The intensity of the pictures is outstanding, you’ll find yourself re-interpreting what you see every time you watch the video. There are really powerful statements in the song to find, clearly indicating that this song was meant to go way deeper than just another altrock track.

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