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C. Shirock – Come Summer

A tune to lift you up from the ground when times are low.

The new release of LA based multitalent Chuck Shirock blends different styles into a signature styled unique vibe. Being a song about hoping for simpler days, the track holds an uplifting core vibe for the listener. The lightweight base is a mixture of handmade elements and synth backing, feeling positive but also containing a base melancholy, separating the song from others in this genre.

What I love about ‘Come Summer’ is the message along the summer groove. It’s pretty extraordinary that lyrics like this can be transmitted in this uplifting fashion in my opinion. The track sort of takes you by the hand, lifting you up from the ground when times are low. Being more than just an ordinary pop track, this tune shows you that everything is going to be alright eventually.

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Florian Maier

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