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Sonofold – Atom Man

Like an old friend who’s offering some advice.

This track of South African singer/songwriter Nic Olsen, better known as Sonofold, brings some groovy solid altrock to the table. With a certain retro styled setting, ‘Atom Man’ feels very authentic while injecting some vintage flair into the atmosphere. The warm guitars along the piano chords feel warm and cozy, the rhythm gets some groove and energy in there, and those signature vocals let the track shine with this special everything’s-okay-shimmer.

I’m not sure what attracts me the most with this tune. I guess it’s a mix of the single elements merging into this really honest and believable song. Nothing is rushed, the tune delivers in its unique design, and there’s this core feel that the song doesn’t try to prove anything. It simply just hasn’t to. ‘Atom Man’ feels like an old friend who is sitting with a cold one on the front porch, offering some advice on a late summer day.

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