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La+ch – :p

NOW we’re talking electro groove.

The third track off the newly released album ‘QQ’ of Toronto based producer La+ch creates a room filled with edgy synth patterns and a steady methodical groove. The atmosphere is filled with electro excitement which changes form and function throughout those two and a half minute through processing and using the main theme in different contexts. In a way, it feels as if the sound was able to break free, now being on the run and happy to be alive.

While the whole album describes an electro journey which seamlessly switches rooms, atmospheres and sceneries, ‘:p’ is a great excerpt of what happens in the 12 tracks of the album. The sound feels exciting, experimental enough to get you curious while methodical enough to create groove, context and energy. The sound at parts feels somewhat minimal but clearly isn’t. The intelligent placement and processing shows a lot of work was put into the project to creating a journey through a fluid vibed sea of sound. This is how to make sound come to life.

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Florian Maier

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