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Baba Shrimps – By the Window

Time to lean back and gain new strength, folks.

The new release of swiss band Baba Shrimps is attached to a bitter-sweet core feeling. The track transmits a very lightweight yet emotional vibe with the main synth theme and the groovy rhythm. The lyrics are catchy and stick to your head immediately. The vocals are done sensitive and ultra-honest, feeling very warm and with what I like to call ‘positive melancholy’, it’s basically a heavy-hearted base feel but with a positive and uplifting twist.

You know me, I love when a track triggers feelings in any way. And boy, this is a track that triggers feelings more than it tickles my eardrums. The message of the song is making the heart ache, but somehow the guys of Baba Shrimps managed to blend this certain hold-your-head-up-high element in. If there was any doubt of what love is, what it does to us humans and how unexpectedly things can change – Adrian K├╝bler, Moritz Vontobel and Luca Burkhalter show us exactly what this looks like. And they do so with a honest and positive warmth. Well played, guys. Literally.

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Florian Maier

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