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Polychuck – Nailed to the X

A glimpse on what’s going on inside the mind.

The new release of Canadian DIY artist Polychuck creates a really unique atmosphere. Ever felt totally exhausted and tired, when you find yourself alone in a room looking at yourself in the mirror? That’s pretty much what ‘Nailed to the X’ builds as a room for me. Being about keeping clean and straight-edge, the track has a dark and somewhat lonely undertone which pictures the lonely outsider feel perfectly. With the synth backing first creating a huge room that feels heavy-hearted, the track evolves into a more exciting and driving environment within seconds.

This versatility is what I love about this track. It’s the whole situation that is described by the lyrics, while the backing is doing its part to paint the picture, creating endless voids, but also energetic uplifting melodic sceneries. It’s as if you were allowed to have a glimpse on what’s going on inside the mind of the artist. This is not just given within music, it’s offered. Granted. This is a privilege as far as I see it. And that’s what makes this tune outstanding for me.

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