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The Slow Painters – What I Miss the Most

Between dreamworld and reality.

In almost all of the tracks by the Slow Painters there’s this special signature element in there to find which I like to call it ‘dreamy cream’. It’s that special mixture of psychedelic elements along this melodic intersection between dreamworld and reality.

With ‘What I Miss the Most’ it’s no different. The vocals are done calm and emotional, while the backing creates an atmosphere that seems to be in constant motion. You won’t find any linear patterns in there, the sound is evolving and developing throughout the whole track. For me, the sound feels like a positive maze you’re trapped in. Like a surreal fun house. The synths and the guitars create an exciting layer of sound that allows the listener to float in, while the song offers just enough structure to not let all those elements fall apart. It’s this certain ‘walk on the razors edge’ that makes this tune intriguing.

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