Patchwork – Leave Me

Soulfood, aiming for the heart.

This release is another tune aiming for the heart. With a very sensitive approach, the new release of Canadian indie-pop group Patchwork doesn’t fail to trigger emotions. With a fragile guitar backing along a defensive rhythm section, the stage is set for the vulnerable female vocals. These fill the room with a huge amount of melancholy, telling a story many of us might know too well.

What’s most intriguing about ‘Leave Me’ is the emotional mindset that it creates. To tell this story, you have to have been through this kind of relationship. This special powerless helpless feeling is captured perfectly thorugh the whole song, from both vocals and backing. This track isn’t your happy everyday tune but rather something to listen to while looking up to the stars at night, letting your thoughts wander. This, guys, is way more than meets the ear. This is soulfood.

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