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Lisa Heller – Wings

Music that reaches out for the core of who you are.

For a couple of weeks now, I’m probably a little sensitive. No, not probably. I am. And therefore, it’s no wonder that the new release of Lisa Heller really caught me off guard. The singer/songwriter describes the process of creating music this way: “I write songs when my mind gets overwhelmed.” In my case I can truly say that my mind gets overwhelmed when listening to her music.

With an ultra-sensitive approach and a fragile environment that feels like an endless void, the listener is facing his/her inner self. This is honestly a very hard thing to do when you’re not feeling too strong at the time when you listen to the tune. The vulnerable vocals are having this strong, positive undertone, just to be glassy, defensive and cracked the second after. It’s like this struggle when you’re sitting there, thinking too much. One second you’re confident you’ll get through this mess, and the next moment you’ll find yourself beaten down and broken. Heller manages to capture this feeling perfectly. And although this is a beautiful thing, it also gives me such a heavy heart at the same time. ‘Wings’ is music that reaches out for the core of who you are as a human being.

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