The Great Palumbo – What Are The Odds?

Coincidences are part of this great game called ‘life’.

This tune contains a great amount of positive energy. With a smooth approach and really soft and caressing vocals, the song brings some bright uplifting spirit to our days. The backing is held quite defensive mix-wise, serving as a solid base for the vocals that tell the story in this signature-styled confident and fun way. You’ll find a lot of emotion in there, it’s not melancholy nor raw energy, it’s rather a carefully dispensed amount of emotion to not overload the tune with feelings but rather serve as a door-opener for the listener.

I love the message of this song. The new release of The Great Palumbo is all about coincidences. We all are part of this great game of life, and to experience coincidence is part of each and any of our lives. Some call it fate, some call it destiny, some call it a spiritual sign – whatever you think about these things happening doesn’t really matter in the end. It’s songs like ‘What Are The Odds?’ that remind us of the value these little variables of life really have.

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