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Kane Miller – Memories

A brief moment of comfort and emotion.

This one hit me unexpectedly intense with the emotion embedded. The new release of Canadian singer/songwriter Kane Miller brings a huge amount of melancholy to the table that instantly connected with me. Probably because the tune managed to put all those pictures in my head that I can relate to. That I lived through.

The honest approach of Miller is key in ‘Memories’. With a defensive soft piano setting and some extra vocal tracks and synths to add depth, the track builds a familiar and protected atmosphere where you find yourself thinking about all what has passed during the years. Guided by the emotional pristine vocals of Miller, the track offers you a brief moment to reflect on what might have been stored in your memories for a long time. We all need reminders once in a while to hold on, thinking about our lives and what brought us to where we are today. The wish of staying sorrow-free as we were back in the days will be with us throughout our whole lives. While I’m going through a rough patch emotionally over the last weeks, ‘Memories’ offers comfort.

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Florian Maier

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