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Kayla Jay – So Alive feat. Matt Miller

Warning: This groove-packed pop track with those awesome vocals will enchant you right away. The melody will stick to your head. You might want to put that track on repeat and move to the music in a way probably not suitable for children. Oh, now you’re curious, aren’t you. Welcome to the world of Kayla Jay.

“So Alive” has a unique atmosphere. On the one hand, I thought it was a bit thin regarding mix and tracks. But when listening to it a couple of times, turned out that this lightweight setting with those “jumping” synth lines was exactly the right thing to do in order to keep a partly haunting, somewhat “cold” feel to parts of the song. I really liked the transition the song can make between said “cold” feel and the chorus part, where all of a sudden the music feels comfy and warm. Kind of hard to describe, because I have not a clue how they were able to even DO that. Once a main theme of a song is set, usually this is the base for the whole song. I guess I could describe it as opening a door, stepping from the cold, dark basement into the warm, bright sunny garden.

Best part of the song isn’t the arrangement though, it’s those vocals Kayla Jay brings to the table. I instantly fell in love with the voice of the beautiful singer from New Jersey. She got a special soft singing technique mixed with 18 % sassiness and probably… 86 %  of erotic nuances (yes, I know the math doesn’t add up, but thats because Kaylas music doesn’t fit into regulations or scientific rulesets). This blend of styles enable her to “guide” the whole song with her voice (needless to say, this also is responsible for the atmosphere transition I mentioned before). I also checked out another track that was released yesterday, it’s a vocals/piano piece called “Worth It” – anyone who doubted Kayla’s ability to easily change genres and moods can now hold their peace (now, ain’t THAT a nice way to say it). She really makes virtually everything shine through her vocals.

I am sure that Kayla is able to sing along to almost any music, fueled by skill, passion and desire to make a name out there. I also guess she doesn’t limit herself to just one genre or style (again, check out her online sources to check out her bag of tricks, folks). With her tracks being available on every mainstream online source, and with new music released regularly, I have no doubt the road to success of Kayla is already built. Best thing about it: she’s already walking down that road. Listen. Feel. Repeat.

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