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Bad Flamingo – Ain’t Too Worried Yet

Time for a lone ranger vibe.

In their signature flavoured wild west styled fashion, the girls of Bad Flamingo are back in town with their new release called ‘Ain’t Too Worried Yet’. The room is filled with this ultra-laid back groove as there are vintage handmade elements rolling along like some tumbleweed crossing the dusty road. Once again, the sound feels mysterious, as if you had seen or heard nothing yet. The kinda sassy vocals are spreading confidence all over the place with that enigmatic undertone, while that groovy bone-ish shaker percussion leads the way. The combination of minimal groove along those seen-it-all vocals once again paints a picture in the head of the listener.

What all the releases of Bad Flamingo have in common is the pristine storytelling happening as soon as the music hits. Here, I can picture this way too hot day where you find yourself in this bar with all those outlaws in there. The sound just feels genuine. Damn. I need to see those girls live in a saloon nearby.

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