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Dare Summer – Step Back

How to deliver emotion the right way.

The new release of british multitalent Dare Summer is nothing less than an awesome retro-styled emotional pop ballad. With a soft and wide-roomed synth backing and a very defensive rhythm set, the track creates this lonely atmosphere that spreads both a core melancholy and a bit of disco glitter over the place. Imagine this track being performed with a single spotlight on the singer. The vocals feel vulnerable and lost at parts, when at other parts they evolve to a more positive and optimistic version.

What I love about this tune is that there’s an intense amount of emotion being transmitted through the voice of the talented singer. I don’t know if it’s this hurt and defensive undertone during the softer parts, something really draws me towards the voice of Summer. The way in which the story of the song is told is unique, the expression of any element in ‘Step Back’ is really captivating. This song is a perfect example of how to deliver emotion in music the right way. This track gives you a piece of the heart and soul of Dare Summer.

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